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Question to ask at your Listing Appointment

Selling a home is a big deal and having the right people around is very important...yes, even in a seller's market! You can market and sell your home for more money quickly. Interviewing a potential

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Four best houseplants for your HOME

Did you already know that having indoor flora can assist enhance your health? Here are 4 houseplants which might be powerful at growing oxygen and clearing out pollution for a miles more healthy

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Pro Tip: Make one extra mortgage payment every year

Do the terms "amortization schedule" and "last mortgage payment" make your head spin? Did you know that by making an additional mortgage payment every year, or only $100 more in principle every,

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Common Seller Mistakes and How to avoid them?

Avoiding these common SELLER mistakes, can increase your chances that your home selling experience is relatively stress-free, and most importantly, successful.Not preparing your home to sell Just

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